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how to enjoy

How to Best Enjoy

Personalized sauce and condiments


Our special sauce

Ponzu: We combine freshly squeezed "daidai" citrus from Yamaguchi Prefecture with the flavor of bonito and kelp. Sesame
Sauce: Sesame oil and sesame paste are used as the base with walnuts and peanuts added to give a deeper flavor. No chemical seasonings nor preservatives are used.


Create your own sauce with condiments.

To prevent boredom during the 100-minute meal, Nabezo offers a wide variety of condiments in the categories of spicy, sour, savory, and aromatic. First simply enjoy the flavor of the broth on its own. Then gradually add condiments to create a sauce of your liking and enjoy.


Our staff will assist you the best way to enjoy.

To enjoy in the best condition, you need to blanch the meat one slice at a time with small amounts of vegetables then gently toss in the sauce. There are many other delicious ways to enjoy. You can of course make your own, but our Nabezo staff will be more than happy to assist you in creating a great "hot pot."

How to Enjoy our Hot Pot


Heat the soup over a flame and allow the surface to gently ripple without boiling. Next, using chopsticks or tongs, place the meat in one piece at a time and let it swim back and forth 3~4 times while lightly heating it until it is slightly pink. The first bite of meat should be served lightly dipped in "ponzu". After the second bite, enjoy the meat with a rich "sesame sauce". After two servings of meat, add vegetables of your choice to the pot. The flavor of the meat will soak into the vegetables, giving them a deeper flavor. You can also add various condiments for different flavors.


Vegetables are stewed in a soup stock. There are many types of vegetables in the market, but we recommend mushrooms such as shiitake mushrooms for their flavor and green onions for their sweetness. When the vegetables are lightly wilted, place 4~5 pieces of meat on top of the vegetables, spreading them out so that they cover the vegetables. Crack and beat the "kokumi tamago" into the bowl. Once the meat and vegetables are cooked, the flavor of the stock will be absorbed, dip into the "kokumi tamago" and enjoy.