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About Us


"Nabezo's" predecessor was "Mo-Mo Paradise" also called "Mo-Para by fans. Mo-Mo Paradise was established in 1993 as an all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu and sukiyaki restaurant. It gained popularity as a restaurant where customers could enjoy meat and vegetables in their favorite soup as much as they wish. Today, the brand has expanded globally, especially in Southeast Asia. "Nabezo" was born in 2005 as a restaurant that could be used for a wider range of occasions. Since then, Nabezo has evolved and gained support from a wide range of customers as a restaurant where customers can enjoy shabu-shabu and sukiyaki with the pleasure of choosing from a variety of dishes. Today, the restaurant receives great reviews from foreign tourists on various social networking services. Please keep your eyes on Nabezo as it continues to evolve as a brand loved by customers all over the world.

Quality control

Each meat sliced to the optimum thickness at the restaurant.

Just as there is soup that matches the meat, there is an optimal thickness for each type of meat. We adjust the thickness according to the type of meat and its condition. Just by changing the thickness of the meat by 1mm, the taste and texture will change dramatically. The cut affects the balance between the vegetables and the texture in your mouth feel. We serve the meat in the optimal condition to our customers as the meat is the star of the dish.

Controlling the meat temperature at 10°C (±2°C).

We are also particular about the temperature of meat. When slicing meat, if the meat is not thawed properly, the ice in the molecules of the meat will cause the flavor of the meat to escape the moment it is put through hot water. By taking the time to defrost the meat thoroughly, the flavor is not lost. With optimal temperature control we can maximizes the texture and flavor of the meat.

Freshness Control of Vegetables from the Time of Harvest.

The flavor and freshness of vegetables are determined by their sugar content and moisture content. And because the flavor of the vegetables deteriorates from the moment they are harvested, we refrigerate the vegetables from the time of harvest and quickly bring them to our guests. This is possible with cooperation from our direct farmers.

Our Hot Pot

S-Shaped Hot Pot

The S-shaped hot pot is recommended when you want to enjoy various pot flavors. With a divided pot, you can enjoy two different flavors to suit the tastes of your family and friends. You can enjoy two kinds of soups at the same time, such as shabu-shabu and sukiyaki.


The luxurious beef tail soup is made with rich extract from carefully selected beef tails which have a deep, rich and mild flavor. Blanch the meat and vegetables in the broth and enjoy with Local citrus ponzu or sesame sauce with walnuts and peanuts.


Sukiyaki is made with naturally brewed, richly flavored Koikuchi soy sauce from Shodoshima, home of hishio (soy sauce), and Okinawa brown sugar. Please stew meats and vegetables and dress with "kokumi tamago" (egg).